Are standards really dropping?

my GCSE mock exam

“Degrees aren’t worth what they used to be?”. I hear you cry…

You have to question all the palaver about lowering standards in universities in the UK. I for one disagree strongly that this is the case.

Nearly all my students in the last academic year graduated with a First or a high 2:1. I haven’t failed anyone in the past 11 years due to exceptional ‘departmental regulations’. I take this as conclusive evidence that, if anything, standards are going up.

I recently took a mock GCSE paper on my subject area and only just managed to scrape a D, even though I passed the O-Level with a top grade nearly thirty years ago. Ironically, I’m the one lecturing these clever scamps, how embarassed I feel. Luckily I have a doctorate that I gained when standards weren’t so sky high.

So my praise goes out to all our bright young minds who will be a great asset to our knowledge economy in the years to come. They are clearly going to be the greatest generation of consumer nourishment managers (burger flippers) and stock replenishment executives (shelf stackers) that our nation has ever had.


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