Strategic sick day


a lesson in strategy

my university loves talking about strategy. strategy this, strategy that: what’s the strategy for getting overworked academics to do more research and teaching and admin? what’s the plan of action for getting students to put nice answers in the satisfaction survey? what’s the vision for cleaning this toilet?

my strategy has always been simple. I strategically do not listen to this management nonsense and i strategically avoid the strategy people and the plethora of useless  meetings that they happen to try and get me to every minute of the day. perhaps a good strategy would be to get rid of these lowlifes who quite clearly have come to education cos they can’t do anything else.

i’m off work sick today and i’m bored. It’s mostly a cold but a hell of a lot of it is stress. It’s kind of a strategic day off as i was meant to sort out some shit today, no doubt the work will not be done when i get back. Perhaps it’s a strategic sick day cos I’m sick of strategy.

Maybe strategy isn’t such a bad thing


One response to “Strategic sick day

  1. i couldn’t agree more, at my university we have more people managing the place than we have doing the actual work.

    the only thing they can actually do is have meetings, within which they arrange further meetings. Useless, bloody useless.

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