My reason for starting the angry professor blog

There’s a number of things that make me excited about higher education in the UK. I think it has the potential to do a lot of things including creating prospects for the young and old, contributing to the economy, contributing to our wider understanding of things in the world, helping to overcome social and scientific problems in society and beyond

Unfortunately, i believe, it does very little of this. Yes, it makes sure our leaders produce offspring that will be the leaders of tomorrow, it continues to contribute to social immobility by cutting off the poorest and it wastes a hell of a lot of taxpayers money in the process. Coupled with the fact that our students are more like customers than ever this has made me become quite angry about what I actually do and this isn’t healthy for anyone.

As I write this I am taking a day off sick from the stress of it all.¬†As academic freedom no longer enables me to voice these concerns and opinions among my own institution, i’ve decided to do this publicly here for all to see. I am recording my angry moments here as a therapy to myself to hopefully make me feel better about all this.


One response to “My reason for starting the angry professor blog

  1. This is a not angry professor.
    You might like this.
    One teacher’s proudest moment

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