And the Award goes to Poppleton University…


The greatest University ever

The more I think about it, the more I realise that the fake university in the Times Higher Education Supplement is actually more real than we think. Poppleton University recently celebrated its 30th Birthday and congratulations to it.

With their constant harassment of the Corporate Affairs Department, and the constant bickering and crap ideas coming from the senior management team, it couldn’t be a more realistic account of life in a University today. So here’s a link above to some of the tittering that i have to put up with in my everyday life.

I was surprised not to see them win any gongs in this years Times Higher Education Awards, especially as the THE publishes their newsletter. I have no doubt that they are the most creative, innovating, resourceful and professional university on the planet. So thank you Poppleton, and if there are any dons jobs going please keep me in the loop. My CV is updated as ever.


One response to “And the Award goes to Poppleton University…

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